2023/2024 Athletics Events 

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Centre Champs/NZ Track & Field Nationals 2024

Selection Form and Welcome Newsletter - Click Here


The official centre selector management team for 2024 National Track and Field:

Vanessa Story                                  027 7146761

Alec McNab                                      021 421145

George McConachy                         027 2318016

Should you require any information or have any queries at any stage please contact any of the above to help.


For those athletes wanting to be selected to be part of the Centre Team for nationals are required to compete at MW champs - unless they have asked for exemption in writing.

Complete a Selection form for Manawatu/Wanganui and get it to one of the above managers by the end of the day on TUESDAY 20th FEB 2024: Should you meet any of the qualifying standards after this night, but before the closing of entries for Athletics NZ please notify one of the Team managers ASAP.

Please get them to Wanganui: Alec McNab and PN: Vanessa Hodge(Story). When you check the Athletics NZ, standards ensure you have checked the correct age group. Website: Athletics NZ website: www.athletics.org.nz

The Centre Champs dates are: Please check Athletics Manawatu Wanganui Facebook for information and events/times:

Tuesday 13th Feb 2024: To be held in Wanganui

Tuesday 20th Feb 2024: To be held in PN (entries due by the end of this event)

Tuesday 27th Feb 2024: To be held in PN (entries need to be in before this event)

The management team will announce the selected team by Tuesday 27th Feb to represent Manawatu/Wanganui at Nationals 2024 via facebook page: PN and MW site.

PLEASE NOTE: As an athlete YOU are responsible for entering YOURSELF in the National Track and Field Champs before the closing date.

Please enter MW as your club/centre and if you are not selected, you are able to do an individual entry. You would need to check the Athletics NZ website for the criteria needing to be met.

If you have any trouble/queries or concerns, please discuss with the Management team ASAP.

Central League Teams Competition

You must be a registered  member of a club if you wish to compete in this competition. Everything you need to know can be found below.


Each league meets results can be found on the resuluts tab above.


Please note that individual athletes or parents are encouraged to contact their local club / team administrator for further information. Team contact names are listed further down the page.

Health Rules

If you are unwell, we encourage you to not attend the event.


A finalised list of officials and their roles for the meet in Whanganui can be found HERE

Please Note:

Hammer go straight out and get started. The officials meet briefly at 11-10 am in the Media Room (next to photo finish) Light lunch, tea and coffee available there and at any time officials have a break”

Officials Meetings will be held at the start of each programme. Officials will be co-ordinated into event teams and allocated walkie talkies for the day where required.

Teams are reminded they should supply two officials (minimum) to assist with officiating requirements.



Please be aware that any valuables you leave in your vehicles will be at your own risk.

INGLEWOOD - 28th October

The venue is called TET Stadium, 1 Elliot St, Inglewood.  There is parking around the venue, please be courteous.  There will be no parking wardens or such that will issue you with a ticket.

WHANGANUI - 11th November

The venue is called Cooks Gardens, Maria Place, Whanganui.  There is parking around the venue, please be courteous.  There may be parking wardens that may issue you with a ticket.

MASTERTON - 25th November

The venue is called Colin Pugh SportsBowl, Blair Street, Masterton.  There is parking around the venue, please be courteous.  It is unlikely that you will be issued any tickets, but we do suggest you park sensibly to avoid any disappointments at the end of the day.

Athlete Entry

Entry fees are $8 per athlete.  Teams will be invoiced for their teams entry fees at the end of the three events.  Whom ever completes the entry in the entry system, will be the person invoiced.  Entry fees will be distributed to the relevant teams once all payments have been made by teams.

An entry portal will be sent to all clubs in the lead up to the three events.  If you dont recieve one, please email mark@maharris.co.nz to gain access.  All entries must be completed by the team, individual entries are not accepted.

Spike Length & Type

  • MASTERTON - The spike stipulated for the Masterton track is CONE only
  • The recommended length for track races / Long Jump / Triple Jump is 7mm.
  • The recommended length for High Jump /Javelin is 9mm.


The scoring will be based upon the following point’s allocation, with a maximum of 2 Athletes per Team per Event

9, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1

To find 2 per Club athletes will be ranked upon performances over the number of heats contested, athletes in heat 2 or more may earm the points if their performance is good enough to rank highly to justify points being allocated.

    Team Contacts

    The following are the names known and have codes setup in the Athletic.Net system.  While we endeavour to keep this list up to date, it is not always as simple as it seems.

    • Athletics Wanganui Alec McNab NWV75CGU8
    • Hornets Sharee Jones / Rob Strong / Richard Rutherford V5G7DARUQ
    • Kapi-Ti-Mana Kirsten Kilmister 66QYNTQUV
    • RALF (Rangitikei, Ashhurst, Levin, Feilding) Rob Dabb / Bill Twiss 9J929HWUM
    • Palmerston North George McConachy G9PJVSZUZ
    • Taranaki Jason Cressingham / Karen Gillam Green 8JW4YCQUG
    • Team Wairarapa Mark Harris / Andrea Haris / Theresa Bartlett 4J7DGCJUD
    • Hutt Valley Joshua Sharkey / Meagan Hughes QXRYKB5UQ
    • WASPS (WHAC, Kiwi) Graham Cook / Julie Richards 8J5N4CQUG

    Other teams not yet registered...

    • Wellington Central ??
    • Johnsonville / Porirua ??

          ​​​​​​Event Rules

          All events will be run under World Athletics Rules except for the following:-

          1. The minimum team size for each team will need to be 8 people to compete at each event.
          2. Your team will be allocated bib numbers for each athlete by the entry / results administrator, please ensure all athletes have the correct number on thier hand and when they report to events they can let the officials know their bib number so their result can be recorded correctly.
          3. For field events excluding Pole Vault and High Jump, All athletes have 3 trials with the leading six having three further trials if time allows.
          4. For the Hammer Throw events, the Men and Women have 55 mins to complete their throws.  We have allowed a 10min Warmup for the Women and while we acknowldge this is limited, we have tried to accomodate everyone as best we can.
          5. For all field events, the start time for the next field event for that gender, will be the end of the field event that is in operation for that gender.  i.e. if 4 rounds have been completed for Men’s Shot Put and the Men’s Discus is to start, then Shot Put concludes and Discus commences.
          6. An athlete can throw the weight of the implement they may use at the NZ Secondary Schools Champs or as per the World Athletics rules for their age.  This in effect makes the throws a handicap event.
          7. An athlete can request a distance including hurdle heights they may use at the NZ Secondary Schools Champs or as per the World Athletics rules for their age.  The host club or region can decide if this is feasible to incorporate the request or not.
          8. If a team cannot confirm they have 2 officials at a meet, they may be excluded from the following meet.
          9. Athletes must be a minimum of 12 years of age turning 13 by the end of the year of the competition.
          10. All athletes must report 10mins before the start of their event.  If you do not report 10mins beforehand, then you may not be able to compete.



          12.00pm                      70/80/100/110mH Women / Men

          12.30pm                      100m Women

          12.40pm                      100m Men

          12.50pm                      3000m Race Walk Mixed       

          1.15pm                        2000m Steeplechase Women

          1.25pm                        2000m Steeplechase Men

          1.35pm                        400m Women

          1.45pm                        400m Men

          1.55pm                        1500m Women

          2.05pm                        1500m Men

          2.15pm                        4 x 100m Relay Women

          2.20pm                        4 x 100m Relay Men

          2.35pm                        300m Hurdles Women / Men

          2.50pm                        400m Hurdles Women / Men

          3.00pm                        800m Women

          3.10pm                        800m Men

          3.20pm                        200m Women

          3.30pm                        200m Men

          3.40pm                        3000m / 5000m Mixed

          4.10pm                        4 x 400m Relay Women

          4.20pm                        4 x 400m Relay Men


          11.00am                      Hammer Men (Finish 11.55am)

          11.45am                      Long Jump Men

          12.05pm                      Hammer Women (Finish 1.00pm)

          12.00pm                      High Jump Women

          12.00pm                      Pole Vault Women

          12.00pm                      Pole Vault Men

          12.00pm                      Shot Put Men

          1.00pm                        Discus Women          

          1.00pm                        Long Jump Women

          2.00pm                        Shot Put Women

          2.00pm                        Discus Men

          2.00pm                        High Jump Men

          2.30pm                        Triple Jump Women

          2.30pm                        Triple Jump Men

          3.15pm                        Javelin Women

          3.15pm                         Javelin Men

          2024 Grade 12 and 13 Interprovincials

          This is a competition for 12 and 13 year old's to compete against others from across the country.

          Details TBC