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Cooks Classic 2024 

Date: 27th January 2024

Venue: Cooks Gardens, Whanganui

Cooks Classic  

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    2023 -2024 Season Calendar 

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    2023-2024 Registrations

    Club Registration Form for 2023-2024

    Athletics NZ have an online registration process that allows you to register and pay online. If you are an athlete, coach or would like to be a volunteer then please use the link below to register for the upcoming 2023-2024 season. 

    If you are a harriers member then you can transfer to become an athletics club member for a reduced cost.


    If you want to attend club nights after the first of November you must be a registered member or you will be required to pay a casual fee of $5. You can register at any time so visit our website and register today.

    The subscription fees set by the club for the 2023-2024 season include components for contributions for the Region, and also Athletics NZ.

    Those contributions remain the same as the prior year. The club does not receive these fees. They are allocated to the Region and Athletics NZ to enable overall sport development for Athletics in the wider region Manawatu Wanganui and across the Country.

    When signing up through the registration portal there will be a screen that shows the breakdown of fees for each component – but the overall total is what is due.

    This covers the registration year 1st April 2023 – 31st March 2024

                                      Athletics NZ            Region               Club                    Total

    Under 7                   $10                            $0                        $35                       $45 unchanged

    Aged 7-14              $35                            $3                        $57 (+10)             $95 Up by $10

    Aged 15-19           $51                             $5                        $69 (+10)            $125 Up by $10

    Senior 20+            $66                              $5                        $74 (+10)            $145 Up by $10

    Social                    $36                              $5                         $19 (+5)              $60 Up by $5

    Second Club        $0                                $0                         $50 (+5)               $50 Up by $5

    All fees include GST.

    The clubs fees component has increased in line with our costs structures, inflation, and to ensure we fund the core development of our club with equipment needs etc.

    To register you need to access the link below: 

    Payment for athletics: This can be done using a debit or credit card online. If you have any problems then please contact us and we can support you with the payment process.


    Please use the table of birth dates to determine which age group you will belong to. Age patches will be given out during club nights once you have registered and paid your fees for the season.

    NB; Age as at 31st December 2023

    Eg: Born in 2004 = 19      at 31/12/23

    Born in 2005 = 18            at 31/12/23

    Born in 2006 = 17            at 31/12/23

    Born in 2007 = 16            at 31/12/23

    Born in 2008 = 15            at 31/12/23

    Born in 2009 = 14            at 31/12/23

    Born in 2010 = 13            at 31/12/23

    If you have any other questions then please contact:  

    Athletics Wanganui 2023-2024 Season 

    The 2023-2024 season will commence once again in October. Club, Secondary Schools, starts Tuesday the 10th of October.

    Junior (Intermediate age) Athletics starts a week later on Tuesday the 17th October. 

    Little League Athletics  (4 to 10 years) will not commence until February 2024.

    There are a variey of ways you can be involved in athletics so we would like to invite all new and current athletes, schools and families come along and see what our programmes have to offer.

    If you would like to be involved with the junior or senior club we would love to support new volunteers to be part of athletics in Whanganui. We are always looking to grow opportuntiies to be involved in athletics locally so if you would like to support in any way then please contact us. All offers of help will be received with much appreciation.If you are interested in supporting the club as a volunteer, go to the registration tab and register as a volunteer and become part of the Athletics NZ volunteer community.

    Harriers Members

    If you are registering  as a Harriers member this winter then you will only have to pay a small transfer fee in the summer to become a member of the Athletics Club. You do not have to pay another full membership fee. If you are unsure about the transfer process or what to pay then please contact us so we can help you.

    Ribbon Days

    Dates and times for regional ribbon days can be found under the childrens athletics tab above.

    Club Uniform - Club Hoodies, TShirts, Crop Tops and Singlets

    Available for Athletes, Coaches and Supporters

    The club offers a range of uniform options for members and supporters as shown in the photo above. New prices for these items are outlined on the online form (link below).

    The club understands that the price increase for these items may be prohibitive for some members so we would like to encourage anyone who has uniform they have either grown out of or no longer use, to sell these items back to the club. This buy back scheme will allow the club to offer second hand options to new memebers to purchase at a cheaper rate. 

    If you would like to purchase any new apparel  then please complete the online order form using this link:

    Club Apparel Order Form: HERE

    ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​If you are competing in the Children's Centre Champs or North Island Secondary Schools you will need a club singlet to compete in. Stock will be limited during the season so please ensure you get your order in as soon as possible.

    If you have any questions regarding uniform or would like to know more about the uniform buy back scheme then please email: 


    Uniform must be paid for online using the following bank account: 

    Westpac 03 0791 0470 606 01

    IMPORTANT - So we can identify your payment please record your name and the name of item you wish to purchase in the reference section.

    You can also attach a screen shot of your payment to your online order form.