Childrens Athletics 

Little League Athletics - IMPORTANT NOTICE

Ages 3 -11 (year 1-6 )

We are pleased to announce that the Little League will start again from October 2024.

Intermediate School Athletics

Ages 12 -14 (year 7-8 )

This is held on a Tuesday night at 6.30pm to 7.30pm (incorporated into Senior program) - Club nights will commencce on Tuesday 16th October 2024 to 26th April 2024.

Childrens Athletics registration form link for 2024/25 below.

Club Registration Form for 2024-2025

Athletics NZ have an online registration process that allows you to register and pay online. If you are an athlete, coach or would like to be a volunteer then please use the link below to register for the upcoming 2024-2025 season. 

The Harriers and Atheltics Clubs are now combined under the club name - Whanganui Athletics and Harriers Club to make it easier for members to run all year round. There will be winter and summer membership options if you only wish to run over these periods and members can wear both the Harriers or Atheltics Club singlets when competing.


If you want to compete in any club events after the first of November you must be a registered member or you will be required to pay a casual fee of $5. This is to help the club cover the cost of hiring Cooks Gardens. You can register at any time so visit our membership link and register today.

The subscription fees set by the club for the 2024-2025 season include components for contributions for the Region, and also Athletics NZ.

Those contributions remain the same as the prior year. The club does not receive these fees. They are allocated to the Region and Athletics NZ to enable overall sport development for Athletics in the wider region Manawatu Wanganui and across the Country.

When signing up through the registration portal there will be a screen that shows the breakdown of fees for each component – but the overall total is what is due.

                                Athletics NZ        Region          Winter            Summer             Total

Under 7                   $10                        $0                  $10                $TBC                   $       

Aged 7-14              $35                        $3                  $10                $TBC                   $                                   

Aged 15-19           $51                         $5                  $8                  $TBC                   $

Senior 20+            $66                          $5                  $25               $TBC                   $

Social                     $0                            $0                  $10               $TBC                   $                

Casual fee per session                                              $5                 $5                        $

All fees include GST.

Summer fees are yet to be set for the 2024-2025 season.

The clubs fees component has increased in line with our costs structures, inflation, and to cover the cost of using Cooks Gardens in the summer, and equipment requirements etc.

To register you need to access the link below:

Payment: This can be done using a debit or credit card online. If you have any problems then please contact us and we can support you with the payment process.


Please use the table of birth dates to determine which age group you will belong to. 

NB; Age as at 31st December 2024

Eg: Born in 2004 = 20      at 31/12/24

Born in 2005 = 19            at 31/12/24

Born in 2006 = 18            at 31/12/24

Born in 2007 = 17            at 31/12/24

Born in 2008 = 16            at 31/12/24

Born in 2009 = 15            at 31/12/24

Born in 2010 = 14            at 31/12/24

There are a variey of ways you can be involved in athletics so we would like to invite all new and current athletes, schools and families come along and see what our programmes have to offer.

If you would like to be involved with the junior or senior club we would love to support new volunteers to be part of the club. We are always looking to grow opportuntiies to be involved in our sport locally so if you would like to support in any way then please contact us.

If you are interested in supporting the club as a volunteer, go to the registration tab and register as a volunteer and become part of the Athletics NZ volunteer community.

If you have any other questions then please contact:  

Volunteers welcome

The Childrens section of Athletics is always looking for support, so if you have the time to give while your child is at athletics please let us know. There is always something to help out with on club night. So support your local club and become a volunteer on club nights.

Any queries please:

Send us a message through facebook messenger or email us at:​​​​​​​